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How the Process Works

1. Schedule an appointment
A consultation fee is stated up front and a meeting takes place in the client's home for up to two hours. During that time, many samples and photos are viewed. We discuss colors, design, furniture, and budget. By the end of the appointment, the client and artist will have a solid idea of the finish(s) and colors involved. The artist will write a receipt to the client showing the consultation fee that will be applied as a credit to the actual work being quoted. In most instances, a quote/contract will be mailed to the client with follow-up phone calls made by the artist to the client. Any subsequent consultations prior to a contract will be charged at an hourly rate that is non-refundable.

Please note that due to the custom nature of the finishes, estimates and quotes will not be given via e-mail or phone. In fairness to both the client and the artist, and to insure accuracy, professionalism, and integrity, the artist must meet with the client and view the jobsite.

2. Schedule the project
Once a contract is signed and the deposit received, the artist will schedule the work with the client. Any site-specific samples are made prior to the start date. Samples are always the property of the artist and remain in the possession of the artist at all times.

3. Start date
All hard surface floors are completely covered with rosin paper securely taped. There are no dangerous drop cloths. Carpeted floors are completely covered with thick polyurethane sheeting & securely taped. Usually, taping procedures follow with special seal applied around the tapes as per requirements of the job.

4. Completion of the job
The artist removes all leftover materials & coverings and properly disposes of those items. The jobsite is swept with a broom or vacuum. Touch-up kits are made for the client to keep on file. Final payment is due on the day of completion.

"It’s like living in a masterpiece…a masterpiece of color, texture and imagination. There is a big difference in quality out there. I think Julie’s education; she holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree and classical training brings a different level of sophistication to her faux finishes, decorative painting, and plaster finishes. I would absolutely recommend her…and have! All you have to do is imagine. Julie does the rest. She is a true master."

Steve Scearcy, President ROI Communications